who are you and what have you done with the jerk i divorced?

So, My ex husband’s wife HATES me. 

no surprise there… i guess thats fairly standard.

I had always assumed the tension (anger, frustration, custody drama) between me and my ex was because of her… but tonight i got what i consider to be tangible proof. 

She and all of the kids are out of town, leaving my husband home alone for the first time in years. Now to be clear, we are both remarried, we have no romantic interest in eachother whatsoever. but we WERE best friends for years. so talking to him like a stranger, it hurts.

He called me tonight to talk about when im going to pick up the kids for my visit with them. and we TALKED for 45 minutes! about stupid shit. about his job and my lack of job, and the kids, and his truck, and just a normal frikkin conversation. 

Its sad that this makes me happy. I guess after years of drama, its nice not to have to take a Xanax after i get off the phone with him because im so stressed out…. 

my mom says he is trying to lull me into a false sense of security so he can pull some asshat move. 

who knows. 

i still got my game face on… but at least  i am xanax free at the moment. 


my dogs first life

so i have a dog, liberty. she is a husky doberman mix…. aside from the odd urge to run away she is a really good dog. doesnt bark at nothing…very sweet…

theres just the one thing.

every time a fire truck passes by she howls like a wolf howling at the moon. EVERY. TIME. and we live off the highway so its at least once a day. 

i am convinced that in a previous life she was a firefighter. and she misses it?

anyone else have dogs that hate fire trucks? or love them…. not really sure if thats what that means.

i feel your pain…


or: When Home Improvement Makes you Hyperventilate

or: Home Improvement Projects that you are Unexpectedly Forced Into

or: Home Improvement Projects that have no Style Aspect and Are Therefore Not even Remotely Fun

or: When the Plumber Estimate Increases by 1000% in the Course of Seven Minutes

or: Fun Fact: Did You Know that Chimneys Aren’t Just for Fireplaces? They Lead from your Furnace and Hot Water Heater, Too!

or: Corrosion: Pipes gone Bad

or: Gulp

or: What About that New Guest Bed/Car/Sandwich I was Saving Up For?

or: Did I Somehow Invite a Costly Plumbing Crisis by Declaring it Home Improvement (HIMP) Month?

or: Did We Not Hug our House Enough?

Well, as you can see, I have had some trouble deciding what to call today’s installment. Once I got finished brainstorming titles, I didn’t have any energy left to write an actual post. Suffice it to say…

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sure is…!!!

*yet another throwback…but fun….***

cj is going through this phase where everything “sure is” something…

ie: it sure is hot…it sure is funny…whatever.

now the following conversation has happened once before with marcus aparently, but it is so much funnier when it happens in person.

cj got up in the night to pee. he gets down when he is done, and has a little baby boner(i guess since he just woke up…thats right …from birth they have these things.) anyway…he looks down and says mommy i have a big pee pee… naturally i burst out laughing and say yep baby youre right. then he looks down again… “it sure is big.”

i dont know why this is so funny to me…but it is. i guess its just the male preeocupation with penis size. it begins very early.

oh well.

We got the house!!!!!!!! and other murderous rants

So after all the nonsense was over, the paperwork was signed (even in afghanistan), and THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER! 

it was scary, because they had another offer and were about to take it… so we got lucky. 

yayyyyy! im so happy. best birthday present evar!

I cant post pictures of it just yet… i wont until we close. I dont want to jinx it. but its a beautiful house. 6 br 4 ba… i dont know how im going to furnish it!  should be fun though. there is a fairy umbrella tree in the front yard too!!! sooo exciting. i hope we have fireflies. *le sigh* 🙂

SOOO i guess as of right now the murder of my husband has been postponed… at least temporarily. 🙂

although… this deployment had better be the last one because he is driving me iNsane. I get the emotional detachment during a deployment, hell, ive been deployed before *yes- fun fact i was in the military*  but it is really hard to be on the receiving end of that! 

i  love getting one word answers. yep. nope. yep, nope, i dont know, maybe. 

thats it. 

if my mind was powerful enough… he would be exploded, so its probably best i am not a telepath. or whatever.