We got the house!!!!!!!! and other murderous rants

So after all the nonsense was over, the paperwork was signed (even in afghanistan), and THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER! 

it was scary, because they had another offer and were about to take it… so we got lucky. 

yayyyyy! im so happy. best birthday present evar!

I cant post pictures of it just yet… i wont until we close. I dont want to jinx it. but its a beautiful house. 6 br 4 ba… i dont know how im going to furnish it!  should be fun though. there is a fairy umbrella tree in the front yard too!!! sooo exciting. i hope we have fireflies. *le sigh* 🙂

SOOO i guess as of right now the murder of my husband has been postponed… at least temporarily. 🙂

although… this deployment had better be the last one because he is driving me iNsane. I get the emotional detachment during a deployment, hell, ive been deployed before *yes- fun fact i was in the military*  but it is really hard to be on the receiving end of that! 

i  love getting one word answers. yep. nope. yep, nope, i dont know, maybe. 

thats it. 

if my mind was powerful enough… he would be exploded, so its probably best i am not a telepath. or whatever. 




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