sure is…!!!

*yet another throwback…but fun….***

cj is going through this phase where everything “sure is” something…

ie: it sure is hot…it sure is funny…whatever.

now the following conversation has happened once before with marcus aparently, but it is so much funnier when it happens in person.

cj got up in the night to pee. he gets down when he is done, and has a little baby boner(i guess since he just woke up…thats right …from birth they have these things.) anyway…he looks down and says mommy i have a big pee pee… naturally i burst out laughing and say yep baby youre right. then he looks down again… “it sure is big.”

i dont know why this is so funny to me…but it is. i guess its just the male preeocupation with penis size. it begins very early.

oh well.


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