The end is neigh? (nigh?)

apocalypse prep

OK, so i dont know how the heck to spell that word (nie?) neigh … looks to me like the sound a horse makes.

but whatever.

so all of this face eating and high heat has me a little worried… im fairly certain things are going to be changing soon…. and while i realize that zombies are not likely…. SOMETHING  is going to happen.

when things change, people go nuts… everyone knows that.  stupid people= riots… and general mayhem.

and yes, we will adapt and overcome, but the process of adaption… is possibly going to be painful.


this blog will be dedicated to things you can do (and that i need to do) to prepare for the worst.

and while i realize it seems a little paranoid… its not going to hurt anything… it will just make me that much more awesome.

most of it is just going to…

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