so they tell me….

My friends all tell me I should write a book. 

Perhaps some day I will. 

What am I doing tonight? Im going to a strip club to watch some dudes take off their clothes. 

Why is this important? 

Because I am terrified of male strippers. I think bulges are gross. Dont get me wrong… i LOVE men. I just…. have no desire to have a dingaling bounced on my forehead.

My aversion to the bulge started at a young age. My mom would work out along with the guy on TV… and even then, it creeped me out. more than once, my mother has recounted the story of me insisting that the tv be turned off because “mom, i dont like that man’s pants”

and now, as a 31 year old woman… i still dont like them. My husband (soon to be ex) would try to be sexy and dance on the table, pretending to strip for me… and even THAT grossed me out. 

bless his heart. 

so no. i didnt see magic mike, and no… i am not looking forward to my evening. 

im taking a book.