Hello World. I’m Topsy.

Id love to share my real name with you, but for the sake of things i may explain in the future…. I wont.

This is my place to unload the randomness in my brain without being judged for it.

Things I may think that are TOTALLY inappropriate, but i just thought them for a second…. and may or may not reflect on how i actually feel….

you know how sometimes stuff just pops into your head? well…i dont have anyone to share that stuff with.

im in  a new place, and at my age (early 30s with the mind of a 25 year old) it is heard to make new friends…. im sure i will given time…but my brain needs an outlet NOW.



I type as i think…. sometimes i capitalize, sometimes i dont.

i space my sentances out like this, because i feel like thats where i pause…its easier to understand me this way when i dont talk too fast….so it should be easier to read this way too? logic. right?

so dont come here to judge my grammar …i assure you i am extremely articulate and quite capable of proper punctuation etc…

but this is my space… not yours….

so fuck off.


Im not sure how to get anyone to read this thing without letting people know who i am (if i post it on my face book then its like…duhhhhh)  so if you stumble upon me…. share? please and thank you.

ok….thats enough for now. usually i will be much more interesting…but its my first time. be gentle.

night all… for now.


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