you never call a crazy person crazy.

well, its been a long time since i have blogged because there has been a lot going on. 

my husband has SEVERELY pissed me off. (i was ready to divorce him already in our 7 month marriage- for being a douche) but more on that later. 

im in too good a mood right now to talk about upsetting things. 

I have my children for the next 2 weeks. and i have them at the beach. i. am. in. heaven. 

aside from the behavior problems.

dude, my kids are so funny. they are sarcastic assholes just like me.

today i told my daughter to wrap a towel around her butt so we could walk back to the truck from the beach… she (6 yrs old) looked at me dead faced and said ” how did you know i have a butt?” i told her everyone has a butt…       [at this point the guy near us on the beach is peeing on himself laughing]  so she proceeds to ask everyone we pass on the way back to the car if they have a butt. 

this little girl loves to fart…. i KNOW she knows everyone has a butt…. i really just think she was trying to embarrass me… was funny though

more to follow involving cat poop, spaceballs, and who knows what else… today was just the first day!!!!!!