nothing and movies

my life is so boring right now i literally have nothing to write about…. 

unless you would like to read movie reviews of the 90 million movies ive watched recently… 

some good ones, some bad ones

lets see… 

A Perfect Host- BIZARRE but really good. super duper surprising. like, will totally throw you for a loop. at least twice. i dont want to spoil it by saying too much. but the actor who was in frazier that was the main charachter…. really good role for him. really really. highly recommend.

Solitary- I was irritated throughout the movie and disappointed at the end of it… but it was intriguing enough to where i wanted to know how it ended… i just was not thrilled. coulda been so much better. 

Interview with a vampire- yeah, shut up, i had never seen it. Brad pitt was just beautiful… and i fail to see how we didnt realize what a douche tom cruise was a long time ago. i cant look at him without getting pissed off… 

The speed of thought- slightly predictable. not great… not awful… nothing really exceptional about it.

The Rum Diary- Very interesting movie. Do not watch unless you feel like paying attention. and the chic that looks like scarlett johansen is super hot.

Every Episode of Dr. Who- Mostly, Awesome. I started by watching Torchwood though, to get me hooked. i would recommend going that route if you are mentally anti- Dr. Who. 

If you have been living under a rock and have no idea what Dr. Who is…. time travel and aliens… its wonderful for nerds 🙂 and just the right amount of love story. 

Ok… well… im off to watch the Black Dalia


the loathsome laziness

so… here is the thing.

i really just dont feel like doing ANYTHING. but at the same time, i feel like i should do SOMETHING.

I COULD get up and take a shower…. probably need one. but i am enjoying watching dr. who.

i NEED to get up and finish painting. .. dont want to.

ive been like this for a day or so now…and i get like this frequently when i am alone.

its really weird and it actually annoys me… but i just dont have the will to fight my laziness.

its very stupid. and i am aware of this. dont judge me. ever felt super lazy? i guess im just not ok with laziness… even when its mine.

must find motivation  to get off my ass eventually…


i made breakfast and brushed my teeth…. woo!