you never call a crazy person crazy.

well, its been a long time since i have blogged because there has been a lot going on. 

my husband has SEVERELY pissed me off. (i was ready to divorce him already in our 7 month marriage- for being a douche) but more on that later. 

im in too good a mood right now to talk about upsetting things. 

I have my children for the next 2 weeks. and i have them at the beach. i. am. in. heaven. 

aside from the behavior problems.

dude, my kids are so funny. they are sarcastic assholes just like me.

today i told my daughter to wrap a towel around her butt so we could walk back to the truck from the beach… she (6 yrs old) looked at me dead faced and said ” how did you know i have a butt?” i told her everyone has a butt…       [at this point the guy near us on the beach is peeing on himself laughing]  so she proceeds to ask everyone we pass on the way back to the car if they have a butt. 

this little girl loves to fart…. i KNOW she knows everyone has a butt…. i really just think she was trying to embarrass me… was funny though

more to follow involving cat poop, spaceballs, and who knows what else… today was just the first day!!!!!!



who are you and what have you done with the jerk i divorced?

So, My ex husband’s wife HATES me. 

no surprise there… i guess thats fairly standard.

I had always assumed the tension (anger, frustration, custody drama) between me and my ex was because of her… but tonight i got what i consider to be tangible proof. 

She and all of the kids are out of town, leaving my husband home alone for the first time in years. Now to be clear, we are both remarried, we have no romantic interest in eachother whatsoever. but we WERE best friends for years. so talking to him like a stranger, it hurts.

He called me tonight to talk about when im going to pick up the kids for my visit with them. and we TALKED for 45 minutes! about stupid shit. about his job and my lack of job, and the kids, and his truck, and just a normal frikkin conversation. 

Its sad that this makes me happy. I guess after years of drama, its nice not to have to take a Xanax after i get off the phone with him because im so stressed out…. 

my mom says he is trying to lull me into a false sense of security so he can pull some asshat move. 

who knows. 

i still got my game face on… but at least  i am xanax free at the moment.